Kang Ning Service Apartment opened in 1999 with the goal of providing a safe environment for the elderly, and has been serving tenants for more than 20 years!

You are very welcome. The visiting service hours are from 09:00 am to 17:30 pm every day. Please call 02-26348999,  ask for Business Department to make an appointment.

(To avoid disturbing our tenants, walk-in request is not accepted)

(1) The applicants must be over 55 years old, physically and mentally healthy without statutory infectious diseases, being able to take care of their own daily life or accompanied by an exclusive caregiver.

(2) A physical health examination report within 6 months is a must, and prospect should consult with our health manager of Kang Ning Service Apartment for health confirmation.

We offer Standard suites which is about 70 square meters, Superior suites which is about 85 square meters, and deluxe suites which is about 100 square meters. Besides, family members of our tenants are also welcome to make reservation of our vacancy when short term visit.

  • Calland make an appointment for site visit.
  • Confirm the required house type and number, and confirm the rental.
  • Make an appointment with our health manager for consultation.
  • Go to any hospital for physical examination (according to specific examination items)
  • Sign the contract and confirm the move-in date and time
  • A pre-pay of 30% monthly rental fee as an engagement, and remittance of NTD300,000 as deposit before moving in
  • Check in on the day of moving in and make full payment of this month(the remaining 70%).
  • The rental fee depends on size of the room, floor, views you may see. The monthly rental fee varies according to the abovementioned conditions:
    70 square meters: monthly rent starts at $60,000
    85 square meters: monthly rent starts at $70,000
    100 square meters: monthly rent starts at $80,000
  • The rental fee needs to be paid in advance, and the rental fee for the first month should be paid on the day moving in. Successively monthly rental fee shall be paid before the 5th of each month.

(1) Water bill and electricity bill: Each house has independently a water meter and an electricity meter. Utility fees are calculated according to the government regulation. Kang Ning Service Apartment only collects and pay without any loading. (Currently tenants do not need to share water and electricity fees for public area.)

(2) Daily necessities: consumables (mineral water, toilet paper, laundry detergent, etc.)
Remark: disposable supplies (body wash, toothbrush and toothpaste, razor, etc.) should be provided once when moving in only.

Considering the different nutrition needs of each tenant, meals are not be included in the rent. You can choose and order according to your individual needs as follows:

(1) Healthy and nutritious daily (3) meals : NTD 380 per day and 7 days per order cycle. Please make reservation, and pay in advance.
-Breakfast: at the Like Food Restaurant on 1F (Chinese and Western set meals).
– Lunch and dinner: well prepared meal boxes for takeaway (please pick up by oneself, or 10% service fee if room service requested) , dinner comes with a fruit set.

(2) Discounted price of NTD 120*30 days=NTD3,600 for monthly breakfast, please go to the Like Food Restaurant on 1F

(3) Our tenants are entitled with the special price of “VIP Menu” when dining in restaurants.

Breakfast will be delivered before 07:30am. / Lunch will be delivered before 11:30 am./ Dinner will be delivered before 17:00pm.

The gas fires are not strictly prohibited according to our regulation, but each room is equipped with electric stoves and range hoods for simple heating; tenants are also welcome to come to the Like Food Restaurant on 1F for dinning.

It’s acceptable. Each room of Kang Ning Service Apartment has an independent house number, which can be registered and moved in household registration.

Depending on the needs of the elderly, the caregiver or maid can stay together to take care of daily lives (an additional accommodation management fee is required).

It is recommended to consider the health needs of the elders and find another nursing home or nursing institution depending on the situation; when the health condition improves, or those who can meet the needs of daily life under the care of caregivers or maids, they can also stay in Kang Ning Service Apartment.

If the contract expires and will not be renewed, please notify the reception counter or sales representative three months in advance. Please check out and pay the outstanding balance before 12:00 noon on the day at the reception counter when the contract expires. The deposit will be returned by remittance.


(1) Management fee
(2) Free WIFI wireless network
(3) Free cable TV
(4) Basic home cleaning once a week, and replacement of bed sheets, quilt covers, pillow cases and towels
(5) Participate in exclusive courses and activities for the elders
(6) Free to use of health and leisure facilities and public spaces

  • Furniture: beds and bedding (including sheets, quilt covers, pillowcases), bedside tables, desk lamps, sofa& coffee table sets, TV cabinets, etc.(Above 100 square meters, additional desk and chair will be provided)
  • Electrical appliances: frequency conversion split-type air conditioners, TV, range hood, IH stove, refrigerator, electric kettle, All-In-One washer, telephones, emergency bells, doorbells, lamps, etc. (Please bring your own cutlery and kitchen utensils)
  • Bathroom: towels, foot pads, hair dryers, electric water heaters, exhaust fans, sink, shower lotus sets…etc.
  • Miscellaneous: power outlets, network wires.
  • Basic home cleaning service once a week. (Daily cleanliness and hygiene need to be maintained by every tenant)
  • Repair works of equipment.
  • The 24-hour counter provides convenient daily life services: calling taxis, letter &parcel receiving, laundry, photocopying, faxing, airport transfer reservation, ordering daily necessities, etc.
  • The health manager provides consultation on medication, suggestions of nutritional intake, health knowledge, hospital appointment depend on different conditions and other related health consultations; tenants can go to the elders office to measure blood pressure and body temperature.
  • Sports and leisure facilities: fitness equipment, billiard room, squash room, rhythm classroom, karaoke, mahjong room.

The activities are diverse, rich and interesting. The indoor activity area is located in the B1F multi-functional conference hall.

(1) Courses of Neihu Community University: physical fitness, learning Taiwanese & English songs, , English conversation, weight training, knitting…etc. Courses may change each semester, please refer to the announcement for details.

(2) Activities for elders of Kang Ning Service Apartment: monthly birthday parties, board games, music rhythms, learning old mandarin songs, muscle endurance training, Health lectures, RT-Mart shopping (twice a month), the elders-related themed activities…etc.

Kang Ning Service Apartment only provides tenant service. If you need home medical care, you can apply through the hotline 1966 and refer them to home medical care or related institutions.

Considering the understanding of the physical condition of the elders, please accompany your family members or caregiver for medical treatment.
In case of emergency medical needs, the counter or the health manager will notify the family members and assist to call 119 for an ambulance.


  • By MetroTake the “Wenhu Line” and get off at Exit 1 of [Huzhou Station], and walk for 5 minutes.
  • By BusMRT Huzhou Station: 21, 240 direct train, 247, 284, 287 shuttle bus, 531, 553, 620, 630, 645 , 646 , 677, 681, 683, 903, red 2, brown 10, blue 36, Minquan trunk line, Nanjing trunk line, Neihu trunk lineKangning Hospital Station: 247 , 284, 617, 620, 630, 677, 681, 683, Brown 10, Red 2, Neihu Main Line
  • By CarNational Highway No. 1(Sun Yat-sen Freeway)
    Southbound: Exit from Chenggong Interchange, go straight on Chenggong Road, turn right at Minquan East Road, pass Minquan Tunnel, and you will arrive  in about 10 minutes.

    Northbound: Exit from Kangning Interchange, turn left to Kangning Road and connect to Section 5 of Chenggong Road. It takes about 5 minutes to arrive.

The parking lot of Kang Ning Service Apartment is located on the third basement floor, and the fee system is adopted.

  • Timing: NT$40 per hour
  • Monthly rent: NT$ 4,000/month for mechanical parking, NT$5,000/month for plane parking, please asking related information to the reception counter.
  • The Kang-Ning General Hospital is next to our Apartment, and the Tri-Service General Hospital is 5 minutes away by car.
  • There are many clinics (dentistry, ophthalmology, ENT, etc.) and chain pharmacies around the community.

Kang Ning Service Apartment is adjacent to the two major business districts of East Lake and Neihu. There are cinemas, stores (PX Mart, Carrefour, RT-Mart, Costco), community medical care (Kang-Ning General Hospital, Tri-Service General Hospital), and many clinics and pharmacies; there is a 7-11 convenience store that operates 24 hours a day on the 1st floor, and there are many hair salons, cake shops, etc. within walking distance, which are meeting the daily needs of the elders.

About 15 minutes by walk from Kang Ning Serivce Apartment (or one stop by MRT, or two stops by bus), you can reach the well-known “Dahu Park” covering an area of 13 hectares, which is a good place for walking, picnics and sports.

There are also natural landscapes such as Bihu Park, Bishan Rock, Kangle Mountain Trail, Wuzhi Mountain System, Bailushan Mountain Reserve, and Neigou River nearby, so that the elders can live in a more comfortable and healthy living environment in a high-quality environment close to nature.


The special line 886-2-2634-5666 for reservation or 886-2-2634-8999#2120

The parking lot of Kang Ning Service Apartment is located on the third basement floor, $40 per hour, if you spend $500 at the restaurant, you can get 1 hour discount, and if you spend $1,000, you can get 2 hours, accumulated by this.

The banquet hall provides a stage, audio-visual equipment, karaoke, wireless microphones, and projection equipment.

The 1st floor has about 100 seats of restaurant capacity, and the B1 banquet hall has about 110 seats (11 round tables).

Weekday breakfast AM07:00~AM10:00 / Holiday breakfast AM07:00~AM11:00

Lunch AM11:30~PM14:00 / Afternoon Tea PM14:30~17:00 

Dinner PM17:30~PM20:30 (last order time PM20:00)

1. Breakfast-Western breakfast mainly provides: French ciabatta/American hamburger/Danish biscuits/sandwich series products, and Chinese porridge and side dishes are also provided. Available for in-use or take-out.

2. Lunch and dinner – mainly Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine, providing: individual set meal / a la carte set menu / multi-person set meal / banquet table dishes for client to choose. Available for in-use or take-out.

The client can order by Foodpanda & Uber Eats.

In order to avoid disturbing the peace of the tenants, it is forbidden to bring pets. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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