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Latest News

LIKE FOOD Restaurant: Savor the taste of reunion right here!

🍽️《New Year Eve's Reunion and Spring Party Banquet 》🏮
2023.10.26/by nico

LIKE FOOD Restaurant: Experience an unparalleled year-end banquets and spring parties in this season.

🌆 Location: No. 28, Ln. 420, Sec. 5, Chenggong Rd., Neihu…
2023.10.17/by nico

[TVBS NEWS]The house for senior is also M-shaped! The maximum monthly rent is 6 figures. The supply of high-end wellness residences exceeds the demand.

2023.9.28/by nico

[YAHOO NEWS / TAIWAN NEWS]Kang Ning Service Apartment held Mid-Autumn Festival celebration with Residents.

2023.9.25/by nico

Enjoy a beautiful day, starting with a feast for breakfast!

Good morning! How about kickstarting your day with a nutritious feast? Allow "LIKE FOOD Restaurant" to indulge you in an elegant and nutritious breakfast banquet.
2023.9.22/by nico

Cares EXPO Taipei 2023 concluded with great success. We sincerely appreciate your presence and invaluable feedback.

We wish to extend our most heartfelt appreciation to you. With your invaluable support, Kang Ning Service Apartment achieved remarkable success at the Cares EXPO Taipei 2023. Your trust and backing serve as our driving force to persevere and move forward.
2023.9.12/by nico

《CNEWS》Kang Ning Service Apartment will be participating in the Cares EXPO Taipei 2023.

2023.9.4/by nico

《Wealth Magazine》Retire in the city: Returnees from abroad care for their elderly companions while enjoying the good life.

2023.9.1/by nico


推出全新菜色~歡迎來電詢問 更多活動訊息歡迎追蹤我們的社群喔~~
2022.12.17/by admin


112年小年夜~初八開放預訂 即日起至111.12.31除夕春節饗宴 開放預約
2022.10.24/by admin


春酒尾牙開跑,年底前完成預定,可享活動 111.11.30前預付訂金
2022.10.18/by admin


推出早餐新選擇 法式巧巴達、漢堡、燒餅和帕尼尼等多項選擇
2022.5.30/by admin


外帶餐點菜單 貴賓點餐可用數字號碼代替餐點名稱。範例:貴賓只要輸入
2022.5.28/by admin


【月租】居家裝潢住房專案 期間:即日起至2022年06月30日止
2022.3.25/by admin


送平台也能享受美食 掃瞄QR-CODE開始點餐 下雨天不想出門?
2020.7.3/by admin
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